Downloading, Document management: Drawings and Specifications for each project are together Export documents as Images or to PDF – No need to create and store multiple formats on your server. Printing designed for large drawings (50%, Print view). Free Basic takeoff – Full Metric support. Documents feed directly into optional, advanced and affordable takeoff/estimating system.


QuickEye Estimator is an excellent and free viewer, document management, and takeoff tool for your members.
It’s a standalone program (not a browser plugin) for viewing the complete set of documents for a project. And it’s easy to add to your web site.


The transfer of the list of documents works similar to the way other viewers work, so in many cases, it’s a simple modification. If you are using IPIN, it’s very quick.


Auto Arrange; Auto Type Indexing; Color document support; Native Mac Support. Extremely reliable install; Works Separate from Browser – Not IE specific; Viewing, Document management and Basic Mode measuring; no charge to the Subs; Provides subs a way to bid private work too (projects not online).


QuickEye can also be used for auto type indexing per architectural or engineering drawing sheet renaming by you or your customers. Brings you 21st Century technology. Written by a pioneer in plans online We also offer a server based, no install viewer with basic viewing features on the desktop and ‘mobile’ devices (tablet, iPad, kindle or smart phone).

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